Why PAMS Teacher Education

Montessori Teacher Education Programs leading to International Certification by PAMS offer candidates the opportunity to develop new insights into how children actually develop and learn which reveal that respect for the child’s inner teacher serves as the integrating principle for the effective education of young children.  Teacher candidates learn the importance of the prepared environment as the third essential element in the teaching learning equation.

They discover that the sensitive periods are the most powerful times for learning.  They also come to understand that these principles are an essential part of the research based Conceptual Framework which serves as the foundation for the implementation of a proven Scientific System of Education for young children.

Candidates receive from three to six Teachers’ Manuals electronically in each program and are able to use their notebook computers in class to type in a description of the teaching/learning strategies and materials presentations that are being modeled before them by their PAMS Instructors.

Candidates are supervised during a practicum with children in Montessori schools in fulfillment of the requirements of PAMS and the Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (MACTE) which accredits PAMS courses of study.