Words from Summer 2013 students

Currently Pan American Montessori Society is enjoying a wonderful summer program. This summer we have a total of 25 wonderful students! Here are a few words that the students have said about the program thus far:

“One of the best things about this class is that we’re getting to work with Dr. Meadows. It is a great privilege to work with such an accomplished, and wonderful man. The things that he has done in his life, including traveling the world spreading Maria Montessori’s work and founding this wonderful society, has truly inspired me.” -Carly Roper

“Dr. Meadows’ vast years of experience teaching first as a Montessori teacher himself, then training teachers over many years plus his involvement with Elizabeth Caspari, as a direct inheritor of the method from Montessori herself, makes the PAMS program at Kennesaw State a unique experience we are very fortunate to have in Georgia. Additionally, Dr. Meadows’ involvement in creating standards for early childhood education in Georgia from the beginning gives the PAMS program a breadth of reach and understanding that has also touched the public education system in a vital way. Much to cover in these short weeks, but it feels like just the beginning of an amazing journey. Thank you so much!” – Rhett Huber

“Even within the first few weeks of PAMS Teacher Preparation course, I have learned more about education and unlocking the keys to reaching my students than I have in all the years in study of Early Childhood Education.” -Suzanne Mitchell

“Within PAMS, there is an important link between the work of Dr. Montessori and the faithful dedication of Dr. Caspari.   This link between Dr. Montessori, her work, and the work of Dr. Caspari and many others has left to us the opulent heritage of learning so generously being passed down to us.   The direct link, Dr. Montessori to Dr. Caspari to Dr. Meadows, and now to us is an opportunity of a lifetime! The class thus far has met my expectations.  Dr. Meadow’s stories and experiences make the learning richer.  These stories and the experiences include the ongoing training and global connectedness of the PAMS community worldwide.” -Teresa Green


If you wish to have an experience, like the ones these students have shared, please email us so we can give you more information! lauren@montessori-pams.org


Lauren Harshbarger

Development Manager for Pan American Montessori Society