Montessori Courses Resource Materials

When preparing teachers, PAMS Staff must have all of the necessary Montessori materials available in the teaching classroom.

Consequently, new Teacher Education Centers place their orders for needed materials with sufficient lead time to ensure their receipt before the course starting date.  A comprehensive list of materials along with a constantly updated list of vendors is provided to new centers.

Ordering Materials

PAMS assists centers in placing their orders to ensure the selection of the best materials and to secure a reduction in their delivered cost.

PAMS also assists a center in the selection and purchase of certain furniture and materials such as color coded shelving, designed by the Society, Caspari Language Boxes, Sorge Math Cabinets, color coded felts for Math, mystery bags for Sensorial and color coded plastic bowls, pitchers, pails, etc. that are usually hard to find for Practical Life activities.

When PAMS is contracted directly to offer Teacher Education Courses, PAMS supplies samples of all of the teacher-made materials that are necessary in the classroom.   PAMS also provides all of the lectures and the many handouts in the student’s home language.

Resources provided by PAMS

PAMS provides masters for all of the Society’s proprietary, copyrighted manuals (that will be completed by the candidates), illustrations, math and language materials, forms and papers, that have been designed and produced by the Society.  Centers under contract with PAMS are authorized to reproduce all of these materials both for the course and for the classrooms in the required quantities.  In addition to providing teachers with state of the art materials, the ability to reproduce these papers locally instead of having to purchase them from Montessori suppliers saves the Contract Centers a significant amount of money.

Teachers’ Manuals

PAMS provides candidates in its courses with seven Teachers’ Manuals.   These manuals describe the materials and other essential information required to correctly present the hundreds of presentations given by the Instructors during the course.  Each candidate is required to complete their manuals by writing descriptions of the presentations that they observe their Instructors giving in class. These completed teachers manuals serve as the control of error for the many hundreds of presentations that candidates learn to use in the Montessori Teacher Education Program.

Teacher Made Materials

Although Montessori Guides have the responsibility to prepare the teacher-made materials that their classrooms require, PAMS provides affiliated schools and Centers that have contracted for the service, with masters that they can use with computers, color printers and copiers to make classroom materials for all their classrooms.  Without this kind of assistance, course graduates would have to spend most of their spare time for 2 or 3 years making up one set of materials for their own classrooms.