PAMS Standards

The Montessori Guide will:

1. Have been transformed into the kind of person that can serve the needs of the child;

2. Provide a calm, peaceful, safe environment;

3. Honor and respect the child;

4. Explain logical consequences instead of imposing rewards and punishment

5. Respond to the child’s “inner teacher;”

6. Serve as the dynamic link between the child and the prepared environment;

7. Provide purposeful activities leading to concentration and independence;

8. Provide long periods of uninterrupted work (2 ½-3 hours);

9. Follow and assess the child’s developmental needs through observation;

10. Respect individual differences and celebrate cultural diversity;

11. Nurture the child’s innate sense of wonder;

12. Provide sensory based education in response to the child’s sensitive periods;

Children in a Montessori Classroom will:

1. Respect each other and the environment, indoors and out;

2. Learn through movement;

3. Work without compulsion;

4. Repeat spontaneously;

5. Discover more joy in purposeful work than in meaningless play;

6. Achieve the emergence and development of concentration through work;

7. Develop self-discipline, independence and innate motivation as products of concentration;

8. Enjoy an environment that responds to their need for order;

9. Learn to relate harmoniously with peers through exercises of grace and courtesy;

10. Establish foundations for democratic citizenship through activities of the peace curriculum;

11. Benefit from peer tutoring during each three year sequence of education;

12. Progress at their own pace according to their individual needs, interests and capabilities;

13. Understand that error is a natural part of learning;

14. Build character and personality through the development of competence;

15. Reach their highest potential through creative acts of self-construction.