The Pan American Montessori Society Logo

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The Pan American Montessori Society LOGO is composed of five elements which symbolize the Society’s Vision and Mission.




The Extended Hand represents our readiness to reach out to assist and support those who want to establish Montessori schools and who need to prepare Montessori Teachers throughout the world.

The Wing represents our commitment to fly quickly to the aid of anyone who seeks to serve the child.

The Flame represents the Fire of Montessori Education which we know well and will gladly share.

The Frame represents the Windows of Opportunity that we are prepared to offer to at-risk children and our commitment to serve teachers and children who speak different languages from many different cultures around the world.

The Gold represents our COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE IN EDUCATION which has served as the benchmark for all of our work from the time our Society was founded by Elizabeth and Charles Caspari and Feland and Joan Meadows in 1973.