About PAMS

PAMS is a Not for Profit 501(c)(3) Corporation, incorporated in Delaware. It is organized exclusively for charitable, educational, scientific and literary purposes to establish Schools of Montessori Teacher Education which will prepare Montessori master teachers, school administrators, classroom teachers and instructional assistants, and which will offer courses to parents on child development, parenting and the Montessori System of Education.

PAMS Mandate

From its inception, the Society’s mandate has been to establish standards and criteria and to provide essential guidelines, supervision, evaluation and international accreditation for Authentic Montessori Teacher Education programs that prepare Montessori classroom teachers for both public and private schools in several countries. PAMS is also chartered in Mexico, and is registered in all of the states and countries where it provides its services.

The Society requires its Montessori Teacher Education Centers to prepare Montessori Teacher Instructors as well as Supervising Classroom Teachers, who are qualified to prepare and supervise candidates enrolled in the Society’s Montessori Teacher Education Programs.

PAMS Examiners give final examinations to Montessori teacher candidates that have completed their preparation in centers affiliated with the Society. When candidates have passed the Oral-Practical Final Examination successfully, they receive International Certification by the Pan American Montessori Society.

PAMS primary focus is the continuous investment in: