Accreditation Process


Pan American Montessori Society Accreditation Application Requirements

This is a listing of all of the requirements for the accreditation application. Please refer to the Guidelines for School Accreditation Document for a detailed definition of each requirement.    


The application should contain the following information

1.    Completed application forms by the following people:

  1. Directors
  2. Assistant Directors
  3. Teachers
  4. Assistant Teachers

2.    Pictures of all shelves from each classroom. Organized as follows:  

    1. Practical life
    2. Sensorial
    3. Language
    4. Math
    5. Cultural Science
    6. Music

3.    Pictures of children working during the work cycle.  As Listed in Standard VII in the                   PAMS Guidelines for School Accreditation.

4.    Describe how you implement the Montessori Pedagogical Standards. The following are               the PAMS standards:

6.   Provide evidence of student record keeping.

  1. Provide evidence of the methods used by teachers to record the development of each individual child in the classroom.
  2. Describe the method used to track individual students from one level to the next.
  3. Submit templates used in record keeping.

5.   Continual Improvement Plan. Please include the following:


With great sadness, we must report that Dr. Feland Meadows passed away this morning. The world today has lost a man of legendary heart and love for Montessori, his family, and friends.

On her way to the airport, Sibley Alkon Meadows said that the family truly appreciates the outpouring of love and concern from the Montessori World.

We will post more details on Facebook and arrangements as they become available. We wish Joan, Sibley, and the entire Meadows family peace and comfort at this time.

Dr. Teresa Turner and the PAMS Family

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