PAMS Standards

The Montessori Guide will:

1. Have been transformed into the kind of person that can serve the needs of the child;

2. Provide a calm, peaceful, safe environment;

3. Honor and respect the child;

4. Explain logical consequences instead of imposing rewards and punishment

5. Respond to the child’s “inner teacher;”

6. Serve as the dynamic link between the child and the prepared environment;

7. Provide purposeful activities leading to concentration and independence;

8. Provide long periods of uninterrupted work (2 ½-3 hours);

9. Follow and assess the child’s developmental needs through observation;

10. Respect individual differences and celebrate cultural diversity;

11. Nurture the child’s innate sense of wonder;

12. Provide sensory based education in response to the child’s sensitive periods;

Children in a Montessori Classroom will:

1. Respect each other and the environment, indoors and out;

2. Learn through movement;

3. Work without compulsion;

4. Repeat spontaneously;

5. Discover more joy in purposeful work than in meaningless play;

6. Achieve the emergence and development of concentration through work;

7. Develop self-discipline, independence and innate motivation as products of concentration;

8. Enjoy an environment that responds to their need for order;

9. Learn to relate harmoniously with peers through exercises of grace and courtesy;

10. Establish foundations for democratic citizenship through activities of the peace curriculum;

11. Benefit from peer tutoring during each three year sequence of education;

12. Progress at their own pace according to their individual needs, interests and capabilities;

13. Understand that error is a natural part of learning;

14. Build character and personality through the development of competence;

15. Reach their highest potential through creative acts of self-construction.

With great sadness, we must report that Dr. Feland Meadows passed away this morning. The world today has lost a man of legendary heart and love for Montessori, his family, and friends.

On her way to the airport, Sibley Alkon Meadows said that the family truly appreciates the outpouring of love and concern from the Montessori World.

We will post more details on Facebook and arrangements as they become available. We wish Joan, Sibley, and the entire Meadows family peace and comfort at this time.

Dr. Teresa Turner and the PAMS Family

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